Saturday, December 11, 2010

Studying, Pressure, & Exhaustion: Finals for a College Student

As a freshman in college, I have experienced just how much of an adjustment college really is when you are transitioning from high school. You are no longer in the same building for all of your classes, nor do you see the same teachers every single day. Instead, you wake up at different times on different days, walk for what seems like a mile to different buildings, and see different teachers every other day. During this last week of school, I can say I truly understand what it takes to make it in college. You have to stay on top of all of your work, study periodically just so you’re prepared, and get all the sleep you can because it will be needed for you to function properly. It’s been a long hard first semester, but now that I know what it takes to make it through I am very confident about the upcoming semester. My advice to students would be to make a study schedule prior to a week before finals. It gives you the chance to catch up on work and to keep it from piling up on you by the time you reach your last days of school. And another thing would be to organize folders or notebooks for easy studying to avoid trying to pull an “all-nighter” and/or cramming the day before the exam. For all of the hard work put in, one should treat themselves to a nice long day in bed to catch up on all of the loss of sleep from finals. As a student who has learned her lesson from this, I plan to start preparing for everything instead of waiting ‘til the last minute because you never know what’s in store for you.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Summing It Up: Getting Work Done Inside Southern Miss's Math Zone

USM’s math zone is a place where we students go for class and can get our work done. We sit in class for close to two hours and are required to work in the zone for an additional three. All work is done online including homework, quizzes, and tests. If we have trouble solving the problems given, there are many options we can choose to get a better understanding. Besides the book we purchase for the course, there are online study plans, a step-by-step problem solving option, and then there is staff that work within the zone. Everything is organized on a weekly schedule that we follow as we take the course. My experience is somewhat neutral. I get the chance to complete my work, but I feel the hours demanded in the rule book are unnecessary. Work can be completed under the three hour mark, so I don’t understand why it’s set so high. As the year passed by I dreaded going because I completed the majority of the work in my room and still had to get my hours in. In the end, it’s a good place to go when help is needed and quite time is required, but some rules, like the time requirement, should be improved.

Electronice Reading: Amazon's Impressive Kindle

            During my free time I enjoy reading a book of my interest. I love reading romance novels, African-American fiction, along with mystery and thriller books from time to time. In the last five and a half years I have purchased an exceptional amount of books and have always thought about the prices of them. I have spent anywhere between eight to twenty-five dollars for these books depending on their binding format and release date. Now, it seems like the more books I buy the higher the prices get. Christmas is coming up, and I’ve have added the Kindle to my wish list.
            This electronic reader has caught my eye, because it seems to have everything I would need and want when it comes to reading a book, or many books in this case. Since I am a college student my book bag is always full of books, so I never really have room for extra books that are not school related. Amazon’s Kindle is the most convenient device for me next to my iPod and droid cellphone. It’s slender with a six inch screen, weighs next to nothing, and can hold all of the books I’m going to buy in the future. While reading I sometimes have trouble with the meaning of words, so I love how it has a built-in dictionary. Because Wi-Fi isn’t available everywhere I go, the addition of free 3G coverage is also impressive.
            What got my full attention is its amazing library capacity, holding almost four thousand books at once. The Kindle is to a bookcase full of books like an iPod is to a hoard of CDs. I can carry all of my books with me without taking up space. Since I read for long periods of time, its battery life is no problem, loving that it can lasts for one whole month off a single charge. And if, for some reason, I can’t carry it with me, I can get the app which makes this device even better. Its availability includes computers, laptops, Macs, and different types of cellular devices. It’s very stylish and has plenty of accessories including skins and cases. Well, Christmas is a few weeks away, so I hope I’m blessed with a Kindle as one of my gifts.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Centennial Exhibit : A Display of Pride, Excellence, Success, and Loyalty

On March 2010, the Centennial Exhibit was established, marking the 100th year anniversary of the University Of Southern Mississippi. This exhibit pays tribute to the successfulness of Southern Mississippi. It has achieved the goal, which it still met with every passing year, of helping numerous students blossom into people that we now know are businessmen and women, doctors, lawyers, dentists, engineers, and so on. The Centennial Exhibit is located on the first floor of Cook Library inside room 105A. There is a website, which gives more information on the exhibit, and it is
            From the early years of Southern Mississippi, this exhibit includes many photos. It includes numerous artifacts that are used by teachers and students, yearbooks, and newspapers. Some of the where obtained from Southern’s archives, while others were donated by alumni members. This exhibit was created successfully by the Centennial Steering Committee and University Libraries as a tribute to the well-rounded University.
            As a student here, I have become proud of the USM memorabilia that is set on display in this exhibit. While walking through, I explored the rich history of Southern Mississippi as this exhibit took me from decade to decade. I took notice to the use of actual artifacts that gave me an idea of what life was like for past students that attended Southern. After my visit to the exhibit, it became clear why the alumni association and student alumni association take such pride in the school and show strong support. Taking looks at the pictures and uniforms of the sports there, I clearly understand why I chose to attend this school.