Friday, December 10, 2010

Summing It Up: Getting Work Done Inside Southern Miss's Math Zone

USM’s math zone is a place where we students go for class and can get our work done. We sit in class for close to two hours and are required to work in the zone for an additional three. All work is done online including homework, quizzes, and tests. If we have trouble solving the problems given, there are many options we can choose to get a better understanding. Besides the book we purchase for the course, there are online study plans, a step-by-step problem solving option, and then there is staff that work within the zone. Everything is organized on a weekly schedule that we follow as we take the course. My experience is somewhat neutral. I get the chance to complete my work, but I feel the hours demanded in the rule book are unnecessary. Work can be completed under the three hour mark, so I don’t understand why it’s set so high. As the year passed by I dreaded going because I completed the majority of the work in my room and still had to get my hours in. In the end, it’s a good place to go when help is needed and quite time is required, but some rules, like the time requirement, should be improved.

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