Friday, December 10, 2010

Electronice Reading: Amazon's Impressive Kindle

            During my free time I enjoy reading a book of my interest. I love reading romance novels, African-American fiction, along with mystery and thriller books from time to time. In the last five and a half years I have purchased an exceptional amount of books and have always thought about the prices of them. I have spent anywhere between eight to twenty-five dollars for these books depending on their binding format and release date. Now, it seems like the more books I buy the higher the prices get. Christmas is coming up, and I’ve have added the Kindle to my wish list.
            This electronic reader has caught my eye, because it seems to have everything I would need and want when it comes to reading a book, or many books in this case. Since I am a college student my book bag is always full of books, so I never really have room for extra books that are not school related. Amazon’s Kindle is the most convenient device for me next to my iPod and droid cellphone. It’s slender with a six inch screen, weighs next to nothing, and can hold all of the books I’m going to buy in the future. While reading I sometimes have trouble with the meaning of words, so I love how it has a built-in dictionary. Because Wi-Fi isn’t available everywhere I go, the addition of free 3G coverage is also impressive.
            What got my full attention is its amazing library capacity, holding almost four thousand books at once. The Kindle is to a bookcase full of books like an iPod is to a hoard of CDs. I can carry all of my books with me without taking up space. Since I read for long periods of time, its battery life is no problem, loving that it can lasts for one whole month off a single charge. And if, for some reason, I can’t carry it with me, I can get the app which makes this device even better. Its availability includes computers, laptops, Macs, and different types of cellular devices. It’s very stylish and has plenty of accessories including skins and cases. Well, Christmas is a few weeks away, so I hope I’m blessed with a Kindle as one of my gifts.

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